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Daisy - April Flower of the Month

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Happy April everyone! This month’s flower of the month is the pretty little Daisy. Here we are looking into this dainty, and commonly overlooked flower, and uncovering its symbolic meanings, edible properties as well as some beautiful and unique gift ideas for April birthdays. So let’s get into this!

Daisy Flower

The name Daisy is given to many flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. Bellis perennis is the most commonly known daisy which is also known as the lawn daisy or English daisy.

These small flowering plants have rounded, spoon-shaped leaves that form in rosettes close to the ground. The flower heads reach approximately 2-3 cm in diameter and have white ray flowers surrounding tiny yellow disk flowers.

This make-up means that daisies are not actually single flowers, but in fact what’s known as a capitulum.

In a capitulum, each individual “petal” is an individual flower. These are grouped together around the tiny yellow disk flowers in the centre, to form a single flower-like structure.

This same phenomenon also occurs in Sunflowers!

Where to Find

Daisies are native to northern, western and central Europe and are also found in the Americas and as far as Australasia.

They can grow in any soil type and are most commonly found in short grasslands and meadows. They flower from Spring into late summer and propagate easily from seed.

As the name suggests, Lawn daisies grow well in garden lawns which has unfortunately led to them being labelled a weed! However, these are important wildflowers which provide a valuable food source for bees and hoverflies.

If you have a garden lawn, then why not try to mow it less frequently during the summer months and allow these pretty little flowers time to bloom.

What's in a Name

The name daisy is thought to have come from the merging of the words “day’s eye” as the daisy flower opens with the morning sun and closes again at sunset.

Daisies also display heliotropism which is when plant parts (the flower in the case of the daisy) move to track the direction of the sun throughout the day.

‘Marguerite’ is the French name for the Oxeye Daisy, and this is the reason that girls named Margaret often get nicknamed Daisy.

Daisy Flower Meanings

Daisies are related to child-like meanings such as “let’s play”, “playfulness” and “happiness”.

They are also a symbol of support, new beginnings and purity which makes them a lovely gift for a new mother.

The flower colours, yellow and white, are said to promote creative thinking along with honesty and loyalty.

Plus, the overall look of a daisy flower is like a little ray of sunshine, so they are also related to the feeling of joy.

Edible Plants

As well as being pretty little flowers that are great for pollinators, did you know that daisies are also edible?! The common daisy that you see growing in your lawn is an edible flower. Both the flowers and the leaves of the plant can be eaten.

They can be used in salads, omelettes, as cake decorations, in soups or added to sandwiches.

The flower buds can also be pickled and used as an alternative to capers. And you can also use them to make wine.

Larger daisies like Oxeye and Dog Daisy can be eaten too, however some find them very bitter with an overpowering taste.

Daisy Chains

I don’t know about you, but I loved making daisy chains as a child. I learned how to pick daisies, make a small slit in the stem using my fingernail and then threading a second daisy stalk through the little hole.

If you continue to do this over and over, adding new daisies as you go then you will have created a daisy chain!

By attaching the last daisy to the first daisy in your chain you will form a daisy chain loop, perfect for wearing as a necklace or a flower crown!

Why not try it with the little ones in your life this summer and enjoy making flower memories they will remember for a lifetime.

Daisy Gift Ideas

Daisy Necklace by MineSilver

1. Daisy Diamond Necklace by MineSilver

This stunning daisy necklace has been handmade in sterling silver with gold plated detail. It's the perfect April birthday gift as it also features a single white diamond which is the birth stone of April. Available in a range of necklace chain lengths and comes beautifully presented in a gift box. Matching earrings are also available.

2. Daisy Stoneware Cup

This unique daisy patterned cup would be beautiful bought as a set, along with the matching teapot (as photographed opposite).

These hand-crafted ceramic pieces can also be bought separately and used as a single cup, sugar bowl or even as a mini indoor planter.

Pretty gift ideas and a gorgeous addition to any table setting.

3. Wooden Engraved Daisy Bookmark

What a gorgeous gift idea for the April birthday bookworm!

This wooden engraved bookmark is a lovely gift idea for any occasion. And with the option of having it personalised with a name or special date, you can have it customised for your special someone.

4. Wild Daisy Embroidery Kit

Fancy giving embroidery a go? Then this pretty little embroidery kit is the perfect place to start.

Suitable for all levels of embroiderers, the kit includes everything you need to make this lovely embroidery picture, plus you'll have a new skill by the end of it too!

These kits also make lovely gift ideas and you can use your newly learned skills to make many more projects in the future.

5. Daisy Print Bees Wax Wrap

Eco-friendly, reusable and compostable. Bee's wax wraps are a staple in our house as part of our plastic free living.

Use them to replace plastic cling-wrap to cover leftover food or to wrap sandwiches in lunchboxes. Easily hand wash along with the dishes, they can be used again and again.

Using bees wax wraps was one of the 1st swaps we made in our bid to reduce our plastic waste and I've never looked back since. Try them for yourselves and ditch that clingfilm!

So there you have it, our April flower of the month, the dainty Daisy. This blog post is part of my Flower of the Month series that I will be sharing through 2021. You can take a look at the pervious post March Flower Of The Month here and the next instalment, May Flower Of The Month here.

Thanks so much for reading and happy daisy chain making!



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