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A Promise to the Environment

Today I want to introduce you to The Butterfly and Toadstool's new donations scheme. I'll explain what it is all about, the environmental charities it will support, and how you can make a difference from the comfort of your own home.

Now, if you have been following me for a while then it should come as no surprise that the natural world fascinated me. Not only does it inspire my artwork, but it's immensely important for my wellbeing.

Just getting out and about in places of natural beauty can really lift the spirit. Taking time to view animals and plants in their natural settings while appreciating the little things they do as part of our world can be uplifting, thought provoking and humbling.

However, throughout my environmental studies at university, and the time I spent working and travelling through Europe, Malaysia and Australia, I've become more aware of the issues our natural world is facing.

I’ve seen first-hand the devastation that plastic pollution is causing in our waterways. I’ve witnessed wildfires that are the direct effect of climate change. And I’ve worked along-side a critically endangered species that is threatened with extinction due to the impact us humans have on its habitat.

I have seen enough to know that we must all act now and be committed to making a change for the future of our planet.

That’s why I’ve made a pledge to empower that change through The Butterfly and Toadstool's new Donation Scheme.

The Donation Scheme

The new donation scheme kicks off on the 1st July 2021! From this date forward I will be donating £1 from the sale of every art print and 50p from the sale of every card pack* sold through The Butterfly and Toadstool, to one of my chosen environmental charities outlined below.

* It will be made clear in each art print and card pack listing if it is part of the donation scheme and which charity the donation will go too. So not only will you be buying pretty cards and art, but you will be supporting a small business AND the vital work carried out by these amazing charities. All easily done by shopping online from the comfort of your own home!

Below I've listed the charities that will be supported through the new donation scheme and why I think their work deserves our help.

Butterfly Conservation

I've been a member of the Butterfly Conservation for over 12 years but feel that the work they do is more vital than ever now. Unfortunately butterflies and moths are declining at an alarming rate, with 5 species of butterfly becoming extinct in the UK over the last 150 years.

Butterflies are known as indicator species which are an important factor in defining the health of our ecosystems. Their heavy decline is therefore a huge warning sign that cannot be ignored, so we must do what we can to help.

The Butterfly Conservation is therefore one of the environmental charities that will be supported with the donation scheme.

Purchasing any of my floral or new Pollinator artwork and cards (launching on the 14th July) will ensure donations go straight to saving our vulnerable butterflies and moths. Read on to find out about the other two charities.

Scottish Wildlife Trust

From Owl's to Badgers, hedgehogs and frogs, the Scottish Wildlife Trust is committed to helping them all.

Their work involves planning and undertaking huge environmental restoration projects, rewilding natural habitats, reintroducing forgotten species and managing ecosystems crucial for threatened animals like the red squirrel.

There are Scottish Wildlife Trust reserves right on my doorstep, each housing thousands of incredibly diverse flora and fauna.

I can't imagine a world without these beautiful places so the Scottish Wildlife Trust is the second charity I have chosen to support. Donations from the sale of my woodland inspired artwork and cards will go straight towards this vital work.

Marine Conservation Society

Plastic pollution is a huge issue that is affecting all of us. If you follow me on social media, or have read any of my sustainable blog posts then you'll know that I'm a huge advocate for cutting out plastic waste and doing regular beach cleans.

The Marine Conservation Society is fighting for plastic free seas and doing incredible work to restore the health of our oceans.

It's all of our responsibility to do something about this devastating crisis. So I've chosen the Marine Conservation Society as the third charity to support.

Purchasing any of my new marine artwork and cards (launching on the 14th July) or any of my coastal Puffin designs will ensure donations go straight to these plastic fighting and ocean cleaning causes.

Take a look at the new artwork I have been creating especially for this wonderful charity!

These designs, along with lots of new pollinator inspired pieces will be available to purchase from the 14th July as part of the donation scheme.

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So there you have it, a round up of the new Donation Scheme. Every purchase made towards this new scheme will contribute directly to helping fight the issues our environment is facing.

Donations will be made to the corresponding charities on the 1st of each month for any items sold from our donation scheme products during the previous month.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you if you decide to support me and these wonderful charities through any donations scheme purchase.

Thanks so much for your support and for reading!



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