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Gladiolus - August Flower of the Month

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It’s August! And although time is flying by, the seasons are giving us plenty to love and admire in the garden right now.

One of the most spectacular flowers that you can find this month are the awesome Gladioli!

Here, I delve into the symbolism and meanings behind these stunning floral explosions as well as share my favourite Gladioli gift ideas that are perfect for August birthdays and celebrations.

Gladiolus Flowers

Gladiolus are perennial flowering plants that grow from corms, not bulbs.

Known also as ‘sword lilies’ due to their long, pointed leaves, Gladiolus form large flower spikes that can reach up to 1.2m (4ft) tall.

They come in a wide range of colours and can be grown in borders or pots. They make excellent cut flowers which can be used to create dramatic floral displays and bouquets.

Read on to find our tips for growing Gladiolus in your garden.

Tips for Growing Gladiolus

Gladioli grow best in full sun in moist, but well drained soil. They should be planted in Spring during March or April however, if you would like to extend the flowering season then it is a good idea to plant in succession.

Planting a handful of Gladioli corms every 2 weeks from March onwards will stagger the growing times and therefore the flowering window of the blooms in Summer.

Keep well-watered, especially in dry weather, and support the growing plants with strong stakes before the flowers emerge.

For extra showy blooms, feed your gladioli using tomato or comfrey feed every few weeks and you should have a wonderful summer display!

Gladiolus Symbolism and Colour Meanings

Gladioli are known as heroic flowers. Their name comes from the Latin word ‘gladius’, which means sword, and their main symbolism is that of strength, bravery, victory and pride.

These meaning were derived way back in Roman times as the mighty Gladiators would be adorned with these striking flowers after defeating their rivals.

The glorious and bold blooms of Gladiolus are also linked to many other meanings too such as:

  • Strength of character

  • Faithfulness, sincerity, and integrity

  • Infatuation

  • Love

  • And to Never giving up

But the meanings don't stop there! Over the years symbolism and flower meaning have been attached to Gladioli depending on their colour. Below I've mapped out a list of the flower colours and what they each represent.

White Gladioli - Like many white flowers, white Gladioli represent innocence and purity.

Yellow Gladioli - Yellow gladioli signify cheerfulness and compassion.

Peach Gladioli - Peach Gladioli have been known to represent faith, strength and integrity as well as creative growth.

Red Gladioli - It’s no surprise that red gladioli symbolise love and passion. Like many red flowers, red gladioli are an alternative flower to give to your love on Valentine’s Day

Pink Gladioli - The ladylike blooms of pink Gladioli symbolise compassion, femininity, and motherly love. These would therefore make a beautiful addition to a Mother’s Day bouquet.

Purple Gladioli - In many religions and faiths, purple is seen as the colour of the psyche. For this reason, purple Gladioli represents mysteriousness as well as charm and grace.

If you're not sure what colour of flower to go for, or you're struggling to find Gladiolus in bloom, then why not check out my favourite Gladioli themed gift ideas below, all from talented independent businesses.

Gladiolus Gift Ideas

Gladiolus Wall Art by Angie Spurgeon

1. Gladiolus T-shirt by FortheGoodFight

How gorgeous is this Gladiolus t-shirt! An absolutely perfect gift for an August birthday.

Made from high quality, 100% cotton in a range of sizes and colours, these shirts would suit any occasion.

Plus, these t-shirts can be chosen with floral designs for any birth month so you really can get a great gift all year round!

2. Gladiolus Laser Cut Necklace by Sugarandvicedesigns

An exquisite piece of design, this fun and fabulous Gladiolus necklace is sure to make a statement.

Laser cut from acrylic and hand assembled, each piece has been designed to perfection and executed with care and attention to detail.

Check out the Sugar and Vice store for more amazing pieces!

3. Gladiolus Birth Flower Print by Angie Spurgeon

I'm a huge fan of Angie's artwork! Her gorgeous colour pallets and clear designs make for beautiful, gift ready pieces.

This Gladiolus art print is a lovely gift idea for an August birthday, especially for a gardener. It features the words 'Strength & Integrity' within the design which are two of the main meanings associated with Gladioli.

4. Gladiolus Stickers by PearTeaStickers

Looking for a way to dress up your journal this month? Then take a look at this gorgeous sticker sheet.

Featuring stunning artwork of different coloured Gladiolus, these stickers can be used in diaries, notebooks, in letters, as envelope seals, the list goes on.

Add these stickers to your stationery collection today and add pops of colour wherever you go.

5. Handpainted Silk Scarf by TreeAcorns

This silk scarf has been made using pure silk chiffon that has been hemmed and steam set.

Hand painted using a cold batik technique, the result is an eye-catching piece featuring striking yellow gladiolus on a purple background.

This piece is a true work of art and represents all that traditional silk painting stands for. Give the gift of wearable art with this stunning Gladiolus silk scarf.

And that's it, my August flower of the month. This blog post is part of my Flower of the Month series that I will be sharing throughout 2021. You can take a look at my pervious post July Flower of the Month here!

Thanks so much for reading,



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