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Rose - June Flower of the Month

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It’s been a slow start to the warm weather this year but the garden is finally putting on some serious growth. Our rambling rose is full of buds now which it’s just in time, as it's June and this month’s Flower of the Month is the romantic and classic Rose.

Here I take a look at these beautiful blooms, their symbolism, edible properties and of course, share some of my favourite Rose inspired gifts from talented Etsy sellers. So let’s go.

Rose Flowers

Roses are woody perennial flowering plants with a traditional and classic style that have easy to recognise flowers. They flower from early summer in showy displays of stunning colour and beautiful scent.

Roses come in an array of different types from shrub and bush roses, to ground covering and climbing roses.

There are even miniature varieties and varieties that are more suitable for growing in containers, so there really is a type for every garden.

Now this may be controversial, so I’ll get it out of the way quickly, but roses are not actually a favourite of mine. This doesn’t mean I don’t think that they are beautiful, as they absolutely are, they’re just not high on my favourite flower list.

What I do love about roses however are the glorious hips they produce in Autumn. Nothing is more striking in a hedgerow than those bright bursts of colour! And it's for this reason that I love having roses in my garden.

Plus, rose hips have plenty of edible and medicinal properties too which I think makes them exquisite, so read on to find my favourite rose hip recipe.

Rose Hip & Honey Syrup

An old remedy that runs in my family is using rose hip syrup to ward off winter colds and flu.

This remedy is known to go back centuries but it's useful properties are still beneficial today.

You see, rose hips are high in Vitamin C which gives them their medicinal properties. You can use rose hips to make tea, jelly or syrup but my favourite recipe by far is this Rose hip and honey syrup.


  • 1 cup of fresh rose hips

  • 2 cups water

  • 1 cup local honey


  1. Remove all stems, leaves and dried flower parts from the hips and give them a good rinse.

  2. Roughly chop or blitz in a food processor to break them up.

  3. Add the chopped rose hips to the water in a small pan and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered, for around 15-20 minutes.

  4. Turn off the heat and mash the rose hips a few times with a potato masher. Leave to cool in the pan to allow the contents to steep.

  5. Once cooled, strain the rose hips through a very fine mesh sieve layered with muslin cloth and collect the liquid.

Tip: I usually leave this to strain for a few hours or over night to allow all the liquid to strain through.

6. Discard of the solid rose hips left in the sieve and wash out the sieve and muslin cloth. Re-sieve the rose hip liquid again to remove all of the fibrous hairs.

Note: Rose hip hairs are irritating to the gut so you must remove them all at this stage. This may require the liquid to be strained a second or third time, or it may be necessary to use a finer meshed sieve.

7. Once all the hairs have been removed it's time to stir in the honey and decant your rose hip and honey syrup into a clean jar for storage. This syrup will last up to 6 months if stored in the fridge but it can also be frozen for longer storage.

A spoonful of this delicious syrup can be taken neat every day or it can be drizzled over porridge, pancakes or ice cream for a sweet treat. So why not give this recipe a try this autumn and give your immune system a boost!

Rose Flower Meanings

Although most species of rose are native to Asia, roses hold cultural significance with intense symbolism across many different countries.

With the help of many films and famous poems it’s no surprise that the rose is associated with love and romance. But did you know that different coloured roses hold different sentiments and meanings too?

Below I’ve mapped out the meanings of coloured roses which can be used in gifts to portray deep feelings and emotions for many occasions.

White Rose - The white rose can symbolise truth, honesty, and protection.

Yellow Rose - Yellow Roses symbolise friendship, love, and new beginnings.

Peach Rose - A peach rose carries the sentiment of appreciation, sincerity, and union.

Pale Pink Rose - Pale pink roses carry get well wishes as well as apologies.

Red Rose - Red roses symbolise deep love, passion, and respect.

Wild Rose - Wild roses hold meanings of trust, promises and new paths. So the next time you have a message to send to a loved one, why not say it with roses?

To make this even easier, I've listed my favourite rose themed gift ideas below from small Etsy businesses that I love.

Rose Gift Ideas

Climbing Flower Linoprints by DesignsbySamStudio

1. Rose Birth Flower Ring

Such a dainty gift idea for a June birthday! This gorgeous Sterling Silver rose embossed ring is handmade in this pretty minimalist design.

A lovely addition to any jewellery box, these special rings come in designs suitable for every month of the year so you can get the one perfect for your special birthday.

2. Real Rose & Hawthorn Frame

A stunning decorative gift for celebrating weddings, birthdays or a new home. This hexagon brass and glass frame has real pressed and dried hawthorn and rose flowers inside. It would look lovely hanging on a wall or displayed on a book shelf.

A really unusual and unique gift idea for any occasion.

3. Climbing Rose LinoPrint Art

What an intricate and beautiful piece of art!

This lovely climbing dog rose linoprint has been printed from a hand carved block on to textured handmade paper. There has been so much work put into making this sunning piece and each print will be completely unique.

Available to buy separately or as a set of 3 as seen above.

4. Rustic Rose Geranium Soap

This gorgeous aromatic soap has been handmade using Rose Geranium essential oils. This is a great oil for all skin types as it balances the production of sebum in the skin and also promotes circulation and healing.

Not only is this soap great for cleansing but it looks gorgeous too!

The Soap Barn products are also cruelty free.

5. Rose Leaf Earrings

I'm completely in love with the stunning designs Libby creates from her workshop. Her nature pieces have all been handcrafted from real plants which she picks by hand and then coats in recycled silver. The earring hooks are Sterling Silver for those with sensitivities and I love how she chooses similar sized leaves to create the perfect sets of these unique earrings.

So there you have it, my June flower of the month. This blog post is part of my Flower of the Month series that I will be sharing through 2021. You can take a look at my pervious post May Flower Of The Month here and the next post July Flower of the Month here.

Thanks so much for reading,



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