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Snowdrop - January Flower Of The Month

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Birth flowers, or flowers that represent the months of the year have been used as a way of communicating feelings and celebrating special occasions for centuries. Although the months of the year are set-in stone, there are often a few different flowers used to represent them and many months have two or more flowers listed for each.

This year I wanted to share one of these specific flowers with you every month. And for the January flower of the month I couldn’t think of a better representation myself than the humble Snowdrop. Read on to find out about Snowdrop flower meanings and beautiful ways that you can incorporate Snowdrops into your home and garden.


Snowdrops form part of the Amaryllidoideae family in the genus Galanthus of which there are approximately 20 species.

They are perennial herbaceous plants (plants that return year after year) that usually flower in winter, although some species flower in early Spring and some even as late as Autumn.

Snowdrops grow from bulbs which makes them easy to propagate. They are suitable for any garden and naturally form clumps as the bulbs multiply year on year.

As they also spread by seed, you can quite quickly create beautiful and natural looking drifts in the garden with very little effort.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden though, they grow happily in pots and containers too. Plus, when they start to outgrow the space, Snowdrop bulbs can be easily split up and shared with friends and family.

Read on to find out about Snowdrop flower meanings, how to plant them indoors as well as see my favourite Snowdrop inspired home decor and gift ideas.

Snowdrop Flower Meanings

Snowdrop flower meanings. Probably the most well-known, and most fitting meaning of a Snowdrop, is hope.

They represent the end of winter, the harshest month, and provide hope that Spring is coming and bringing with-it new life and brighter days. Snowdrops not only represent hope but also new beginnings and renewal. All of which are the perfect sentiments for a January flower to carry.

Other Snowdrop flower meanings, and some that I find particularly poignant as we start 2021, is that of “I am here for you”. This along, with their meanings of solutions, illumination and of course hope can translate into the most beautiful and heart-warming sentiment that may be needed when times are hard.

Want to send a little ‘I’m here for you’ gift to family, friends or neighbours? Then pop a little pot of snowdrops on their front step, I’m sure you’ll illuminate their day.

How To Add Snowdrops To Your Home

Cut Flowers

If you have snowdrops flowering in your garden, then don’t be afraid to bring them inside. Be careful not to pick all the flowers from one clump though as you want to leave some for the pollinators, especially if you are relying on the seeds to help them spread.

Foraging tip: When picking flowers for your display choose flowers that have not quite opened yet. Bringing them indoors to the warmth will entice them to open up and will ensure you get the longest time possible out of your display.

Snowdrops are quite small flowers, reaching approximately 5in - 12cm in height. Cut them right at the bottom of the flowers stem so that you have enough to work with. Plus, you can always cut them down more if you need to later on.

Adding some of the leaves to your display will help bulk them out a bit too and you can never have too much green in my opinion!

Small flowers only need a small vase for displaying them in. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! You can make vases out of lots of everyday items including mugs, teacups, milk jugs, egg cups, tea pots and even empty jars and bottles. So go and have a rummage through your recycling bin and see what’s there. I think a group of mixed flower ‘vases’ look beautiful together and it adds a little more charm to the display too.

Display tip: use twine or ribbon to tie around plain jars and bottles to add a pop of colour and a finishing touch to your recycled vases.

Beautiful Snowdrop Gifts & Home Décor

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on any Snowdrop plants or bulbs this year, don’t fret! You can still bring the beauty of these delicate flowers into your home. Below are a few of my favourite Snowdrop themed decor and gift ideas that all make lovely additions to your home or delightful gifts for loved ones.

Snowdrop Art Print

This dainty Snowdrop art print has been created using my original watercolour illustrations. Available to buy in A4 and A5 sizes you can get the one that's right for you and your home. You can find this, and all of my handmade botanical jewellery and illustrated stationery in my Etsy shop The Butterfly and Toadstool.

This Snowdrop design is also available as a greetings card.

Snowdrop Trinket Dish

I love this absolutely gorgeous handmade ring dish by Kiln Fired Art. It has been embossed using real Snowdrops which has captured their textures beautifully.

Find these an more art, glass and ceramics over at KilnFiredArt

Snowdrop Tea Light Cover

This beautiful handmade Snowdrop tea light holder by Hannah Madden would make the most beautiful home decor addition or "I'm here for you" gift this Spring.

Find these an more screen printed beauties over at HannahMadden

Liberty Fabric Keyring Fobs

A sweet little gift for a January birthday or as a lovely new home gift. These pretty snowdrop printed keyring fobs are pretty and practical. Handmade using Liberty Hesketh House cotton fabric and felt, they come in 4 different colours to choose from.

Find these an more at CottonandFelt

So there you have it, the first instalment of my Flowers of the Month. Maybe you'll take a little more time to appreciate these modest drops of hope the next time you see them emerging from the undergrowth. And just remember when you see them, that Spring is on it's way. You can find our next post in this series February Flower of the Month here.

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