Meet the designer

Dee Leslie is an award-winning botanical jewellery designer and self-taught artist living and working on the south west of Scotland. She personally designs, handmakes and paints every piece within her bespoke collection of nature inspired jewellery, accessories, and soon to be artwork.

Renewed by the changing seasons, Dee finds inspiration in the forests that surround her home, compiling ideas, and beautiful moments to capture in her newest creations.

Her work is a subtle blend of ever-evolving techniques that all stem from her nature obsession and wild curiosity.


In 2018 Dee won the Theo Papitis Small Business Sunday award and subsequently went on to attend her first Trade Show sponsored by Theo himself. Her work is now stocked in over 20 boutique gift shops around the UK.

Lets start at the beginning

Dee Leslie grew up on the North East coast of Fife, surrounded by beautiful forests, nature trails and grassy meadows; all just a stone throw away from the coast along the river Tay. It was here, while collecting acorns from the woods and shells from the beach that she fell in love with nature.

After studying Animal Biology and Conservation at Edinburgh Napier University and graduating with a BSc (Hons) in 2009, Dee worked in conservation on an endangered species breeding program. A change of direction in 2012 and the need for a more creative career is what made Dee start work on her own handmade business.

Now settled on the west coast of Scotland, in a peaceful town by the Galloway hills, Dee has grown her ideas from a tiny seed of thought to a fully flourishing, beautiful brand. 

"Walking amongst the trees, searching in the undergrowth, and being surrounded by wildlife is where I truly feel at peace. The ever-changing forests bring an abundance of inspiration all year long. I can’t help but collect fallen acorns, crispy lichen and swirling sycamore seeds. Each foraged token has a story to tell, a memory that pleases my soul, and these are the moments I want to capture in my work, to share with you the charm and serenity that nature can bring." - Dee Leslie

Capturing nature in time

Botanical Jewellery

Created for those who like to keep a little bit of the wild close to their hearts, The Butterfly & Toadstool jewellery encases real preserved botanicals into wearable sentiments. All the plants and flowers used in these original designs have been grown, picked, and dried by Dee herself. The use of plants not only makes each piece totally unique, but everyone has been carefully created to capture a moment in time and connect the wearer back to nature.