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Committed To Making A Change

The environment means more to me than I could ever express in words. So instead, I'm committed to showing with actions.

Below are just some of the ways that The Butterfly and Toadstool is helping to support environmental charities and causes.

Read on to find out more.

Total Donated To Environmental Causes So Far


Thank You So Much For Your Support

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Environmental Donation Scheme

In 2021 I set up The Butterfly and Toadstool's Environmental Donation Scheme. Through this scheme I raise money via the sale of my own products and donate it to 3 of my chosen charities.

£1 from the sale of every Art Print and 50p from the sale of every pack of 6 greetings cards sold through The Butterfly and Toadstool's Etsy shop, is donated to one of our chosen environmental charities as outlined below. 

Donations are made to the corresponding charities once a year. Donated amounts are shared in our subscriber newsletter and on our social media channels.

Butterfly Conservation

I've been a member of the Butterfly Conservation for over 14 years but feel that the work they do is more vital than ever now. Unfortunately butterflies and moths are declining at an alarming rate, with 5 species of butterfly becoming extinct in the UK over the last 150 years.

Butterflies are known as indicator species which are an important factor in defining the health of our ecosystems. Their heavy decline is therefore a huge warning sign that cannot be ignored, so we must act now. 

The Butterfly Conservation is therefore the 1st environmental charity that we support with our donation scheme.


Donations from the sale of any pollinator inspired artwork and cards go towards this vital work. Read on to find out about the other two charities we support.

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Scottish Wildlife Trust

From Bee's to Badgers, hedgehogs and frogs, the Scottish Wildlife Trust is committed to helping them all.


Their work involves planning and undertaking huge environmental restoration projects, rewilding areas for pollinators, reintroducing forgotten species and managing ecosystems crucial for threatened animals like the red squirrel. 

There are Scottish Wildlife Trust reserves right on my doorstep, each housing thousands of incredibly diverse flora and fauna. I can't imagine a world without these beautiful places so the Scottish Wildlife Trust is the second charity we support.

Donations from the sale of my woodland inspired artwork and cards go straight towards this vital work.

Marine Conservation Society

Plastic pollution is an immense issue that is affecting all of us. If you follow me on social media, or have read any of my blog posts then you'll know that I'm a huge advocate for cutting out plastic waste.

The Marine Conservation Society is fighting for plastic free seas and doing incredible work to restore the health of our oceans.


It's all of our responsibility to do something about this devastating crisis. So we've chosen the Marine Conservation Society as our third charity to support.

Purchasing any of my marine inspired artwork and cards will raise donations that go straight to these plastic fighting and ocean cleaning causes.

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Another way in which we pledge to support environmental action is by becoming an ambassador of Climeworks to help off-set our carbon footprint.


Climeworks is a Swiss company that removes CO₂ from the air. They have developed a new technology called Direct Air Capture which is one of the key technological solutions to fight climate change.

Direct Air Capture filters huge amounts of CO₂ out of the air and stores it deep underground where it mineralizes to stone permanently. How amazing is that?

Since becoming an ambassador for Climeworks, The Butterfly and Toadstool has removed 435kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, helping us as a small business to tread even more lightly on our environment.

Want to find out more about Climeworks? Then follow the link below.

GSA UNESCO Biosphere

I'm delighted to say that The Butterfly and Toadstool is a Proud Supporter of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere, working towards a sustainable economy.

The Biosphere Charter

  • Help conserve the natural resources of the Biosphere

  • Support the economy to benefit people and nature

  • Promote cultural heritage and local products

  • Contribute to the health and wellbeing of the community

  • Develop knowledge, understanding, and promote research

  • Raise awareness of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere


Environmental Policy

As well as the environmental charities and sponsors that we support, I also want to ensure that my products and work practices are as eco-friendly as possible too.

I’m proud to say that all my product packaging is fully recyclable and biodegradable. From brown paper envelopes and cardboard boxes used to ship items, to the tissue paper, tape and business cards in the packaging, everything can be recycled after use.

You can find out more about this by watching my Eco-Friendly Packaging YouTube video.

I also ensure that the products themselves are as environmentally friendly as possible. 
•    All my greeting cards are printed on 100% recycled card and come with recycled kraft paper envelopes. Individual cards are also sent in a biodegradable and compostable sleeve for protection which are made from plant-based cellulose.

•    My art prints, wrapping paper, notepads, planners and bookmarks are all made of FSC certified paper and card which is also fully recyclable. 

I also ensure my working practices are as eco conscious as possible as well. My office consumables are kept to a minimum, I use 100% recycled paper for printing out necessary paperwork and I send all used ink cartridges back for recycling.

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