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Aster - September Flower of the Month

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We've just landed in September, and here in the UK if you go by the Meteorological calendar that means Autumn has begun!

If you are anything like me then this will fill you with utter joy, as Autumn and all it's beauty is my favourite time of year. If however, you live for the Summer then do not fear, as the gardens still have plenty of colour to show yet!

One of the brightest stars that you will find glowing from pots and borders in September is the stunning Aster.

Today, I'm looking into the symbolism and meanings of these pretty floral blooms as well as sharing my favourite Aster gift ideas that are perfect for September birthdays and celebrations.

Aster Flowers

Asters are daisy-like perennials that can be easily grown from seed in Spring. They form star-shaped flower heads that range in color from white to blue to purple and even bright pink.

Also commonly known as Michaelmas daisy, Asters grown in full sun will form nice big clumps and return year after year.

Didn't sow any seeds this year? No problem! Garden centers will have pots of ready grown plants available now so you can add that pop of colour instantly. Head on down to your nearest garden center today to see what they have in store.

Or, if you want to plan ahead for next year then read on to find our tips for growing Asters yourself in your garden.

Tips for Growing Asters

Asters grow best in full to part sun, in a sheltered spot with well draining soil. Seeds can be sown in early Spring indoors and undercover in seed trays, or you can sow seeds direct in your garden from late Spring.

Seeds should germinate quickly in about 8-10 days and can be potted on once they are big enough to handle easily.

When transplanting Asters outside, do so into their final spot where they can grow for many years. You will need to give them adequate space depending on the variety you have chosen. Miniature varieties should be planted around 6 inches apart while giant varieties will need spacing a few feet apart.

Once you have Asters growing in your garden then you can easily make new plants by dividing the clump in spring. Doing this every 4 years will maintain the plants vigour and ensure you have a showy display year after year.

Aster Companion Plants

If you are looking to continue the colour and impact of your garden for as long as possible then take a look at these Autumn flowering blooms listed below. All work great planted with Asters and each one will add depth and vibrancy to your Autumn pots and borders.

  1. Cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus) come in similar colours and tone as Asters. Add these to create a subtle but full look.

  2. Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta). If you want to add a splash of colour to go with your Asters then Black-eyed Susan are for you, just check out the inamge above!

  3. Strawflower (Xerochrysum bracteatum) have similar daisy-like flower structure to Asters and they are also the perfect plant to use in flower arrangements and Autumnal dried floral displays.

When planning companion plants for your garden, take into account the brilliance of the Gardener's Colour Wheel. Whether you use plants in a similar colour pallet, or from opposite ends of the wheel, you can create different moods and styles easily all year round.

Aster Symbolism and Meanings

The name Aster comes from the Greek word for 'Star'. These dainty blooms have long been a symbol of wisdom and love as well as patience and elegance.

Not only is the Aster the birth flower for September, but it's also the 20th wedding anniversary flower!

As Asters were the flowers chosen to be placed on the alter of Greek gods, they are seen to hold an increase in magical powers. This theme is often shared in many different cultures and religions for purple coloured flowers.

Asters hold another strong, but slightly sadder meaning of 'I wish this hadn't happened'. This makes Asters the perfect flower to send to someone you wish to make up with following an argument or falling out.

Gifting Asters to yourself is also said to symbolise breaking free from something and 'being true to yourself'.

If you have friends of family with September birthday's then sending Aster themed gifts is a lovely way to acknowledge their special day.

Below you'll find a few of my favourite Aster inspired gift ideas from talented Etsy makers, all perfect for celebrating this beautiful September flower of the month.

Aster Flower Gift Ideas

Aster Wall Art by Drawmeprettyprints

1. Aster Ring by JanaReinhardt

How beautiful is this dainty Aster ring! Such a lovely gift idea for a September occasion.

Made from 100% recycled silver where possible, this lovely piece can be worn on it's own or used as a stacking ring for a more powerful look.

Available in a range of sizes, it can also be custom made in gold if that's more your style. Simply gorgeous!

2. Wooden Aster Flowers by DaphneRosa

Such an interesting and unique gift idea! These fun wooden flower stems not only look great but they'll last a lifetime too!

Laser cut and digitally printed onto birch plywood, each piece has been created using hand drawn designs and made with great care and lovely attention to detail.

3. Aster Art Print by Drawmeprettyprints

This beautiful print is the perfect gift or home decor piece this September.

Designed from original artwork by Hannah Billington, this print is both cheerful and delicate.

Printed on beautiful Linen textured paper, Hannah also wraps and send out her work in recyclable packaging which we absolutely love!

4. Aster Necklace by ATLondonJewels

An exquisite piece of design, this intricate Aster necklace is sure to make an impact.

Designed in London and made with specific hand enameling techniques, it has been created with such immaculate attention to detail.

Matching earrings and brooches are also available if you want to make the perfect set.

5. September Aster Greeting Card by JoZoCollection

This pretty Aster greetings card is great for any September occasion. Left blank inside for your own message, it can be sent to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more.

Designed using original artwork, this pretty card and all it's packaging is fully recyclable.

So there you have it, my September flower of the month round up. This blog post is part of my Flower of the Month series that I will be sharing throughout 2021. You can take a look at my pervious post August Flower of the Month here!

Thanks so much for reading,



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